Face-to-Face Mediation

You can work on finding agreement at the office of Hilltop Mediation. The neutral environment facilitates agreement between people to find solutions and move forward.

If there are geographic or mobility issues, online mediations are an option with Hilltop Mediation. This is useful in cases with people who live far apart or who may not be able to travel easily.

Online Mediation

DORA Continuing Education (CE)


Hilltop Mediation offers a 2-credit, DORA-approved real estate CE course called Negotiation in Real Estate. Earn the credits you need while developing stronger negotiation skills to grow your business. This course introduces negotiation concepts that are applied during an interactive negotiation simulation about the sale of a home. The simulation provides participants the opportunity to try out negotiation styles and tactics in a safe and low stakes environment. Your team's negotiation skills will be developed through learning and practice.