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Payment Information

  • $150 per hour, 2 hours minimum. Parties share the fee equally.

  • The fee is paid up front. 50% of the fee is paid by both parties to secure a mediation date. The remaining 50% is due 48 hours before the mediation. If a party does not pay their balance, the mediation will be rescheduled pending payment of the remaining balance. If one party pays and the other party does not, the first party’s payment will be returned to them in full. Any balance for time spent beyond the two hour minimum in mediation will be paid by both parties after the mediation.

  • No cancellation reimbursement for upfront payments after both parties pay.

  • Paypal, credit cards, cash and checks accepted.



  • The mediator will work with both parties to find a time and location for the mediation.

  • Upon completion of the mediation, both parties pay their remaining balance for the mediation.