Homeowners often encounter complicated problems with their neighbors and HOAs. It can be challenging to find a solutions that works for everybody.

Hilltop Mediation will brainstorm new ideas with you to find solutions to your unique situation. A fresh perspective may be exactly what you need. 



When arguments flare up in neighborhoods and HOAs, homeowners can lose that homey feeling. Times like these can lead to feeling misunderstood and ignored.

Hilltop Mediation will listen to you. Through mediation services, we are committed to hearing your perspective and finding solutions.


Cost & Time effective

Lawyers and the court system cost lots of time and money. You can avoid expensive litigation with mediation.

Hilltop Mediation is an affordable and efficient way to solve your problems. Court system can take a long time to schedule a date and then someone else decides the outcome for you. At Hilltop Mediation, your input is a part of your outcome.

Attorneys may or may not be present in mediation. It is up to you if you would like to hire and/or bring an attorney to the mediation.